Discai nominated for Data New’s Belgian Fintech of the Year.

- April 2022 -

We are proud to announce that Discai, KBC’s own fintech, is nominated for Data News' Belgian Fintech Company of the Year!

Data News is Belgium's leading ICT trade magazine. Their annual Data News Awards for Excellence is by far the most important ICT award ceremony in Belgium!
Data News recognizes Discai’s unique proposal and the potential to set new benchmarks in the fintech business with our in-house developed AI applications.

Join us and give them your vote too before 8 May 2022:  https://datanewsawards.be/vote/ 

What is Discai?

DISCAI, a fully owned subsidiary of KBC Group, commercialises the innovative Artificial Intelligence applications it develops in-house to third parties, specifically B2B parties.

Which application was launched first ?

DISCAI starts with an innovative and high-performance AI-based solution that closely tracks money laundering. This is a huge step in supporting our B2B customers in their regulatory obligations to report suspicious behaviour linked with money laundering.
The AI-based solution has been extensively tested in recent years in Belgium within the KBC Group and was subsequently validated in collaboration with a renowned external organization.

How does it work?

DISCAI is working with KPMG Belgium to attract interested financial institutions, servicing end customers, and support the implementation of this technology.

What is the scope of this AML application?

In the initial phase, the focus is on parties in the geographic proximity of KBC Group (Belgium, Central Europe) and on integrating the solution with these parties.

What can be expected in the future?

We want to unburden our B2B customers even more in the coming years and Discai offers the much needed services to go beyond our traditional offering. Additional in-house developed smart AI solutions and tools will be developed to assist companies and organisations from various sectors in their search for high-performance solutions to the technical and regulatory challenges they are facing.

For more information, please check:
Website: https://discai.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/discai