Dividend peak season returns to full speed after a difficult Covid period.

-July 2022-

A retrospective

Due to the Covid crisis and the related economic measures, investors expecting a high dividend in 2020/2021 often faced a disappointment.
Many companies took a wait-and-see approach to pay dividends to their shareholders.

Current situation

In Europe, the month of April is traditionally the start of a busy dividend season.
Past months, unlike previous Covid years, we noticed that the number of dividend payments is increasing significantly. Many companies performed well and an increase in profits generally also results in a higher dividend.
Consumer behavior is going back to normal and so is the dividend reward.

During the pandemic we also noticed, next to the seasoned investors, many new investors are finding their way into the investor markets, resulting in a huge increase in order transactions and portfolios.

This evolution also had an impact on the number of dividend bookings that were processed by KBC Securities Services past months. More than 1 million dividend client entries, with a processing first time right ratio of almost 100%, were performed.
Needless to say that this could not have been realized without the relentless effort of our colleagues that capture, follow-up and set-up these events for our customers from start to end.

And next to the services for end customers, KBC Securities Services also offers its dividend payment services to equity issuers.

Curious about the top 4 stock dividend processing within KBC Securities Services past months?
The dividends with highest number of generated client bookings are the KBC dividend, followed by Anheuser-Bush Inbev, GBL and Bpost, but as the dividend payment period is still going on, this is not yet a full year review.

Moving forward together with you

We are already looking forward to the continuation of this trend and servicing our clients, being as well issuers, B2B customers and end customers, in a qualitative way.