Being customer-centric at every level

-August 2022-

Being able to heed the voice of our customers is the core of our customer-oriented organisation. This means that, in an organisation like ours, we have to understand who our customers are and what they expect from our products and services in order to be able to meet these expectations. Real customer insight comes from constant feedback. Staying in touch with our customers is a continuous process. But how do we do this in an effective and efficient way?


Customer survey

A ‘Voice of the Customer’ survey is critical to understanding what our customers think about our services, product or their overall experience. We are very appreciative of the time our customers take to participate in the annual online customer survey. It gives them not only a platform to provide their honest opinion about the different aspects of our company, it also gives them the opportunity to tell us how they are feeling and how satisfied they are. Customer feedback is also relevant for nearly every area of our business. How can this help our teams to become more productive?

If we aim to maximise the value to our customers of our products and services, we need to know how these products are being used and understand the strengths and weaknesses of their various features. Customer feedback not only helps our product management team to understand whether products or features should be improved on, it also helps shape the product roadmap.

For our customer support team and operational teams, it is important to understand how customers’ needs are changing and how their experiences can be improved over time. The responses help us to assess the various touchpoints in our organisation and understand which aspects of support are more valuable than others. The responses also give us an insight into how customers like to be supported, allowing customer experience to become personalised.

The annual survey also measures our Net Promotor Score (NPS). This is a proven method for measuring customer satisfaction on the basis of one single question: "How likely would you recommend KBC Securities Services if someone were to ask your opinion?" Respondents are, depending on their answer, classified into 3 categories to determine the Net Promotor Score.  It is a simple but powerful way for measuring customer satisfactoin and for getting an idea of the potential to grow in tandem with our customers.


Besides the ‘Voice of the Customer’ surveys, collaboration between our customers and our organisation to develop products or services is playing an increasingly more essential role. It is a small effort to stay in close contact with our customers to further develop what we offer.



Customer-thinking as a culture

We go over every single comment, suggestion and opinion to see what our customers expect from us. The feedback that we receive from them is thoroughly analysed and broadly shared throughout the whole organisation, not just among management.

This enables all members of all teams to gain a better understanding of our customers and to work on improving their approach and processes. They do so by creating value for our customers in the most efficient way possible, not only in terms of products and service, but also in every single touchpoint.

Listening to the voice of our customers at every level is increasingly becoming a routine procedure. It is essential in creating a customer-centric culture and establishing a long-term partnership with customers, one that is built on trust and understanding.